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Mataki Filaxto


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Our Ftera (wings in the Greek Language) hangings are a available in 3 different sizes, finished with a glistening effect. These creations give a mix of an antique, rustic but yet simple and elegant look with satin cord.

Whether it be in rememberance of a loved one, the beauty of angels or the feeling of freedom they portray- our Ftera hangng definitley resemble a different meaning to many.

Gold & Blue colours available.

Mum/Dad engraved available ON ALL SIZES- please allow up to 1 week to make if not in stock.

Personalised name engraved ONLY AVAILABLE ON 15CM & 20CM- please allow up to 1 week. The engraving will be at the widest section of the hanging, and slightly alter look. Maximum letters on 15cm 12, 20cm 18.

Hangings must be handled with care and avoid touching coloured area as although sealed can leave slight colouring if touched.

Intensity of colour will vary.


We will contact you after purchase to confirm lettering and colour as this is a custom-made product.