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Mataki Filaxto

Eye of Lashes hand painted wall hanging

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Our hand-made, hand-painted, luxurious 'Eye of Lashes' wall hanging. Measuring 12.5cm high (lash to lash) and 11cm wide.

The origin of the evil eye can be traced back at least three thousand years to the region of Sumer in Mesopotamia, but probably has much older origins. Mentioned by over 100 classical scholars including Hesiod and Plato, Plutarch postulated that the evil eye was a manifestation of deadly rays that sprang like darts from the inner recesses of the body.  Belief in the evil eye was spread to the east as far as India by Alexander the Great, and to the south and north by the Roman Empire centuries later, and persisted well into the middle ages in England and Celtic parts of Europe. 

It is said that keeping the symbol of the eye wards against evil and protects the wearer from harm.